What's a DRAG-N-FLY™?

DRAG-N-FLY™ is a water-resistant, tear-resistant, durable travel bag designed to meet the needs of the modern traveller.


What items can it hold?

The DRAG-N-FLY™ can hold passports, phones, wallets, headphones, boarding passes, small tablets and any other items you may travel with.


Where can I use it?

The DRAG-N-FLY™ can be used on planes, trains automobiles any may other modes of transportation.


Out of what material is the DRAG-N-FLY™ made?

The DRAG-N-FLY™ is made of frosted PVC phthalate-free vinyl.


Can I use the included carabiner for climbing?

No, we do not recommend using the carabiner for climbing or any use other than attaching the DRAG-N-FLY™ to purses, seat backs, etc.


How is DRAG-N-FLY™ different from other products on the market?

Our products feature two reinforced metal grommets, so headphones, carabiners, loops and other cords can be inserted without opening the bag.


Is there a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, our products are guaranteed for up to one year of use.